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Softdata is a 41 year old company developing cloud business and security solutions.  Our services and software products employ mainframe and client/server platforms. Historically, database and data management technology has been our forte.  We have developed many software tools to manage how data is defined, stored and accessed. We focus on system performance and cost reduction. By increasing performance and user productivity, businesses become more profitable.

All businesses today rely on the Internet to provide products and services to new and current customers. Creation of web applications, such as a retail storefront, present visuals of their products instantly for consumer evaluation and purchase. Web applications can also replace many of the existing technology processes within a business. These web apps, as they are called, are also a convenience for employees to perform some of their work functions remotely... anyplace that has Internet access. Businesses now have the opportunity to be more responsive to end user needs.

Some of the large businesses we have provided services to include IBM, EDS, General Motors, Hughes Aircraft, TRW, Fluor Daniel, Boeing, Taco Bell, and Honda.  Our clients have challenged us with very large and complex systems.  In some cases we were given full responsibility to manage and tune their entire data network. We have been able to recapture large amounts of unused space and therefore defer hardware acquisitions into the future. By design, we've converted some batch processes that used to consume several days of processing, to produce the same results in a few hours. Repeatedly accomplishing these results qualify us as large system technology experts.

Softdata claims the unique position of being capable of developing, managing and implementing projects in any of the above technologies.  We are currently offering a free analysis of a VSAM catalog in any mainframe system. We support all mainframe operating systems; z/OS, MVS, z/VSE, VSE, VM etc.

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If your business is interested in reducing CPU usage and improving system performance, call us. We can easily identify ways to reduce your technology costs and defer additional hardware acquisitions into the future.

We have the tools to quickly identify where improvements can be made to reduce costs, increase productivity and raise the end user satisfaction level.