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Advanced Business Technology

IT Assessments

We specialize and offer a wide range of IT assessments, each designed to perform a different set of “deep dive” reports.

  • Run full network assessments with no agents and no installs.
  • Produce comprehensive and unique reports.
  • Automated process is far more accurate than any manual process.
  • Usually takes less than 1 hour!

Network Assessment

Comes with a complete set of network reports and touches on the broadest range of network assets, settings, configuration and performance. It also includes a visual schematic of the network structure and a complete asset discovery report that can be saved in an Excel format and integrated into your PSA.

Security Assessment

Includes a full set of security reports that focuses on network and user-related security risks. This report reveals what users have access to what systems, and what systems are configured with what permissions. This module also includes a powerful integrated external vulnerabilities scan.

Exchange Assessment

Produces a unique IT assessment of both specialized and generalized applications. Because it includes a comprehensive scan of the entire MS Exchange or Office 365 platform, it’s a great tool for pre-Exchange migration documentation and post Migration validation.

SQL Server Assessment

Produces information you need to properly manage networks that have applications running on SQL Server, including SharePoint. A scan is performed to generate all the reports needed for maintaining and reporting the status of any SQL Server database. Yet the information delivered in the reports is powerful enough to give even the most savvy Database Administrators insights to assess potential threats and guage the overall health of the databases BEFORE something critical goes wrong.

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Unlike any other IT assessments, our process is completely non-invasive. There are no agents, no probes, and no software to install. That means we leave no “traces” of our activity, no conflicts with other applications, no firewall issues, and nothing to remember to uninstall. That also makes it much faster to acquire the network data – grab it all, usually in less than 30 minutes for the average size network.