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Businesses utilize many different Project Management methodologies. Some are old, some are new and some are in-house developed. Our method of choice is to use our customer's preference if they have one. There are combinations of methods such as; Agile/Scrum which has become very popular in recent years. We have also used other Systems Development Life Cycle project management methods such as Waterfall and JAD.

How are projects defined and managed?  Is one theory or methodology better than another?  It depends on the type of project.  The methods and tools used depend on whether the project is small, large with cross functions, or a combination of multiple projects.  As creatures of habit we like to think the method we've used most or know best is the one everyone should use for most projects.  We really feel strongly about this when our method successfully achieves project goals. However, are these goals achieved in an acceptable time frame and cost?

Where are we going with all this?  Let's just say that a consulting practice such as ours has seen many types of Project Management used at businesses large and small.  And, being flexible, we assimilate our management skills into our customer's Project Management culture.  We do this because we know they are most comfortable with methods and practices that are familiar to them.  It's easy for us to adapt to their methods and standards.  We can do this much more quickly than it would take an entire project team to learn a new theory or methodology.  This is why we have been extremely successful managing projects.

Whatever Project Management method is used, regular verbal and written communications are essential to a successful project.

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